A Digital Engagement Platform.

In the past, cost has always been a driving factor in attracting and retaining customers, increasingly, Telecom Operators are recognizing that management of the customer experience is now an essential component needed to create competitive differentiation, maintain uniqueness in the market and deliver a positive impact on revenues. Simultaneously, customers are becoming more tech-savvy, demanding greater sophistication in their user experience at all stages of their journeys, and are more willing to churn to another service provider if the user experience is poor.

In today’s fragmented/direct digital model, Telecom customers can access products and services through multiple channels online and offline. These are largely dis-aggregated, and the customer has to visit various storefronts (multiple sites or stores/care centers) to fulfill a particular need.

Recently, the fragmentation of both the customer experience and the service delivery lifecycle, is being funneled to provide a single presentation layer to customers by aggregation. The purpose is mainly to aggregate the information of multiple channels to digital channels and then pushing customers to use them for consolidated and symmetric information resulting in digital omni channel experience.

In order to take care of this shift and to respond quickly to changing consumer demands, we worked with numerous Telecom Operators in Middle East, Asia & Africa for over 10 years and took help from frameworks like TMF’s Business Process Framework (eTOM) to plan, design and deploy a completely new digital transformation platform. We conducted the implementation in phases by categorizing the project into seven stages: process modelling, defining business requirements, designing the solution, development, testing, training and deployment.

The result is TeC.

A pre-built Digital Engagement Platform with ready to roll out process and use cases that can be launched as-a-service.

It functions via a fully digital operating model using digital channels for sales, customer service and information for B2B, B2C and ecommerce customers.

We made sure that TeC Digital Engagement Platform realizes the Digital Experience of customer management, revenue management, policy control and charging, enterprise product catalogue, service orchestration and analytics-based service assurance for service providers using best of the breed products from the industry. Our Platform services are exposed using standards-compliant APIs, enabling easy integration of front channels, third parties and partners to ensure Zero Touch operations. Our ready to roll out pre-built process and industry-specific use cases (following TMforum toolkits) substantially reduce the time and implementation effort for Digital Telcos.

The key areas that TeC focuses are:


  • Getting onboard with digital asset. Focused on Efficient Signup, Digital Onboarding,  Secure Log-in, Regulation agreements, Tips and Tours of the assets and Promotional placeholders
  • Targeted push notifications to individual users or customer segments.  Content varying from Rich media promotions to Consumption alerts. Targeting from customer segments to geographical regions


  • Access key information through customized dashboards based on customer type. Clutter free designs and ease of access through (max) 3 level fluent navigation.
  • Retrieve all the Actions performed though any digital channel from your Account. Payments, Subscriptions, Logs, Usage breakdowns and gifts with effective filters and search options.
  • Implementing powerful tools Analytics, diagnostic, propagation and Customer insights. Analyzing data and evolving continuously


  • Integrations with local payment gateways enabling payments through credit card/debit cart, recharge though vouchers and e vouchers, Promotional coupons and vouchers for discounts
  • Getting more out of existing customers through subscriptions, recommendations, suggestions and loyalty points through eCare. Getting more users onboard through social media propagation and gifts
  • Support for other applications like OTT or content delivery apps within the digital asset. Modular development allowing more features to be built on top.
  • Self-care Enabling un-subscribing, log-out, switching number, App delete. Tracking the time reasons behind abort actions


  • Elaborate Help & Support Sections that off loads legacy support processes. Troubleshooting, FAQs, Chatbots, AI for care, Extensive Complaint Handling, Live Chat to reduce operations expense.
  • As a mature solution, the time needed to market it is short making TeC the first choice for some of the largest telco brands in the Digital Experience of region.


How long would it take me to implement TeC my business?

As an experienced team, we can implement TeC in 60 days because TeC platform comes with a framework ready to fast-track your roll-out of your branded eCare. The framework consists of ready to use modules for Web and Mobile Apps (iOS and Android) that can provide the most common use-cases that a Telecom eCare service should provide. In our project our focus will be to finalize the look-and-feel based on your brand – having done this many time before and providing best of industry UX choices, we can significantly reduce the time and effort that is normally required here.

No eCare platform works without back-end integration with your backend IN/prepaid platform, BSS, CRM and middleware. We have an open pluggable interface with integration support for most common middleware, as well as the popular IN/prepaid platforms e.g. Ericsson Charging System/CBIO, Huawei CBS/NGBSS.

However, there are certain variables that have an impact on this timeline which include your approval process and technical readiness.

How much is it going to cost me?

The cost depends upon region, modules and cases required from within TeC and number of days agreed for the project plan. We can provide you better details if you fill in some information below.

The digital revolution in banking and mobile wallet services has only just begun. Today we are in phase one, where most traditional banks offer their customers high-quality web and mobile sites/apps. An alternate approach is one where digital becomes not merely an additional feature but a fully integrated mobile experience in which customers use their smartphones or tablets to do everything from opening a new account and making payments to resolving credit-card billing disputes, all without ever setting foot in a physical branch.

Fast track your Wallet or Mobile Account roll-out with a ready to use Digital platform that allows you to quickly deploy your services over Mobile Apps and Web.

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