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From SMS to IVR

Perhaps the greatest thing about technology is that it can be adapted to connect with just about anyone in the world that has access to any one of the many modes of communication or interaction. About 14 years ago, just as we were being surprised everyday by the amazing growth of our music ringtone downloads, I was increasingly nervous about the constant failure rate of processing incorrectly typed SMS requests – each failure meant lost revenue, and possibly a lost customer. It took a simple search on Google to find the answer, and the solution led our VAS business to unprecedented growth.

The solution was in voice recognition, and this enabled a large population of mobile subscribers to access content that they would otherwise not be able to because of their literacy, or their lack of comfort with complicated SMS commands.

We continued improving our systems with one focus, to improve accessibility for those who are only accustomed to the most natural form of communication – their voice. The rest was a bouquet of services that served millions of customers every month, and collectively contributed to over $10 million in yearly revenue for our largest customer.

Anwar Khan
Evamp & Saanga



Muqabla is a Live gameshow that was created to and move ahead of the monotony of social feeds and redefine mobile experience by engaging participants in a live competition for points, lives and incentives!


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Product Name

Evamp & Saanga is a leading developer of Web,
Mobile, and Telecom related applications and
solutions in the Middle East and Pakistan.


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