Operations to Continue Unhindered, but with Caution.

A Note from our CEO to our Customers and Partners.


Valued Customers and Partners

Despite the restrictions on many of the things that we take for granted, we have kept our business running while ensuring the highest level of safeguards to protect the health our employees in the best possible way.

In order to minimize risk of infection for our team as well as our customers, we have temporarily shifted entirely to telephone, e-mail and online meetings. Our Support Team is still available by telephone at the usual times (24x7), however, we request your patience in case you are unable to get through on your first attempt and remind you that you can still send support requests via e-mail to support@evampsaanga.com. Your primary POCs in the Project Management and Business units are also available during business hours and will be maintaining their usual work schedule to minimize the lag in our commitments to your business.

We will look forward to answering your questions about existing and new projects as well as operational queries that you may have regarding services that we are currently managing for you, and request that you accommodate these temporary but essential changes to the way we operate over the next 2 weeks.

In the case of workplaces that require physical presence, care is also taken to keep personal contact with colleagues to an absolute minimum by scheduling the presence of staff strictly on a need basis.

We hold our relationship with you as our highest priority, and thank you for your support during this period of risk and uncertainty.


Best Regards,
Anwar Khan