Telecom Integration Services

Our Telecom Integration Services team provides services to integrate any IT or Telecom solution with a Telecom Operator network. This is in addition to developing custom solutions for our Telecom customers. In addition to Telecom integration, we also have expertise in IT technologies.

Our Telecom Integration Services are vast and we have experience with:

  • SMS-C integration
  • MMS-C integration
  • WAP Gateway integration
  • RBT integration
  • Radius/AAA (SBR) service integration
  • Pre-paid Charging System integration (various protocols and vendors)
  • Billing System integration
  • Provisioning system integration
  • Activation system integration
  • CRM integration
  • DWH integration
  • IVR integration
  • USSD integration
  • MAP/HLR integration
  • SS7/SIGTRAN signalling

We have experience with products from the following vendors:

  • Acision (SMS-C, MMS-C, Charging Gateway)
  • Ericsson (Charging System, BSCS, GGSN, MSP, MSDP, ECE, EMA, EMM, HLR)
  • NSN (Charging System, Charging Gateway)
  • Huawei (HLR, RBT, Charging System, Network Gateway)
  • Oracle (OCAS, Network Gatekeeper, SOA Suite, Glassfish)
  • Juniper (SBR)