Mobile User Interface Design

These days it is not enough just to have a Website! With the growing number of mobile devices, especially Smartphones and Tablets, it is vital for any serious online presence to also cater for mobile devices. Mobile presence can be achieved in various ways – dedicated Mobile or WAP sites, mobile aware webs sites or dedicated downloadable applications or ‘Apps’.

Mobile User Interface Design requires designing easy to use but at the same time compelling looking interfaces that cater for the small screen real-estate, screen orientation, type of input (touch-screen, keypad, mini-keyboard), page size and memory limitations and network latency issues. At Evamp & Saanga we have been developing Mobile interfaces for over a decade and have designed some of the leading mobile portals in the region.

Mobile and WAP Design

Most mobile phones today come with a Web or WAP browser. The capabilities of the browser vary depending upon the mobile phone and its operating system. If you are targeting a large consumer customer base, its important that your site and design caters for not only one type of phone or browser. The technologies used within browsers today vary between XHTML MP, HTML, HTML5 with or without Javascript support. Most mobile phones do not support Flash animations and the compliance towards Javascript varies.

We help our customer create an affordable, professional mobile site designed to your specification.

‘Apps’ Design

With the growing popularity of smartphones and tablets, there is a large opportunity to reach your customer base through downloadable ‘Apps’ or applications. We help our customers design compelling and intuitive application user interfaces. The application interface design can vary depending on the target OS and devices, given there being different options for menus and interaction within iOS, Android, Blackberry OS and Windows Mobile.