Location Based Services

Geo location is the trend that is growing within almost all social media channels. People from all over the world are widely using geolocation apps for updating their present position on social media and for many other purposes.

Not only that, but the stunning success of mobile apps like Instagram, Uber, and even Pokemon Go is enough to convince us to integrate geolocation features in mobile apps.

Geolocation based services has now become a common feat in majority mobile application and user expects it to provides direction or show near by options or a simple checkin. Geolocation based services allows the applications to gather details without asking the user for input hence providing a faster and intuitive user experience.

Evamp & Saanga have been working on Geolocation based service for the past 10 years from Location based SMS, Location based Interactive Voice Recording (IVR), Webpages, Mobile Applications to wearable devices.