E-commerce. We can help.

Haven’t moved to E-commerce? We can help. Evamp & Saanga is a business development firm with expertise in Site Design, Content Management (CMS), E-commerce Store Fronts, Search Marketing and Custom Software Development.

Magento Commerce

Magento being the biggest E-commerce platform has 250,000 merchants, handling $100 billion in merchandise volume every year.Here at Evamp & Saanga, we provide 3 types of services depending upon you size and scope of eStore needs.

  • Strategic Creative
  • Magento Technology
  • Total Care

Strategic Creative


Through in-depth UX research, personalization strategies, and elegant visual identities,
Evamp & Saanga experts partner together to elevate your brand and guide your visitors
through the ideal purchase journey.


Visual Strategy

Customers don’t just see design, they feel it. Creating an iconic visual identity requires tremendous expertise and a razor-sharp focus on the components that inspire your target audience.This is where Evamp & Saanga experience comes in.From elegant color schemes to meaningful style guides, we help you craft a luxury commerce experience that drives interactions and sets you apart from competitors.

Data-Driven Design

At Evamp & Saanga, believe that every brand is unique, and deserves unprecedented attention. We conduct thorough UX research to understand how your customers feel, act, and react when they encounter your ecommerce site. Once we have a clear view of your ecosystem, we develop an omnichannel analysis to give you an in-depth look at how your channels play together to drive revenue.

Digital Intelligence

Optimization, Personalization, and Data Analytics team uncovers game-changing data, and partners with our creative, strategic, and technology resources to target the right audience and create converting experiences. Our quantitative and qualitative insights will help you discover high-quality traffic, identify the most profitable segments, and accelerate revenue growth.

 Magento Technology

At Evamp & Saanga, through integration and customization for
the Magento Commerce, we provide a refined and disciplined model to guarantee
success at each stage of your project.


Technology Solutioning

Our Solutions Strategists will determine the technology architecture that fits your exact business needs. This includes everything from cross-channel commerce, to the complexities of data management and integrations, to determining how key digital assets integrate to back-office technology. The platform selection and technology solutioning depends on the forecast and the growth target that you set. This enables an efficient solutioning of platform, hardware and support requirements for better results.

Fastest Delivery

A policy to never outsource, we can scale up resources and move through projects quickly and efficiently. We start development right out of the discovery phase, tackling the biggest challenges first. Our proprietary process has evolved over time and allows us to deliver the fastest projects in the market, on average 30% faster than our competitors. All that saved time adds up to a faster ROI for your bottom line. We also have a streamlined change management process that helps implement iterations effectively

Risk Management

Our Project Management team is skilled at identifying the risks before they become issues, communicating them to our customers, and ensure tracking in advance of due dates through appetite assessment and mitigation plans. Our code goes through multiple rounds of automated testing, and an extensive onsite User Acceptance Testing process that allows for faster projects delivered at the highest quality standards. This allows us to deliver projects on time, on scope, and on budget.

Total Care


Evamp & Saanga commerce solutions don’t just support your site. We support your business.
Total Care is a flexible program that goes far beyond bug handling, hosting, and maintenance,
providing access to the full breath of our services. Our holistic expertise allows us
to implement end-to-end solutions that benefit your entire business to
improve customer engagement and boost conversion rates


Maximum Flexibility

We’ll analyse your annual goals together, and establish monthly budgets tailored to your evolving needs. From the moment we compile an estimate, to the delivery and billing processes, we ensure seamless communication and a constant flow of technical documentation. With Total Care, there are no overages, no minimum spends, and our Agile delivery process allows for rapid and continuous delivery of high-quality development and enhancements.

Strategic Road mapping

At Evamp & Saanga, Total Care range is a 360° roadmap for success that includes 24/7/365 monitoring and support, iterative testing, continuous UX research, look n’ feel enhancements, optimization strategy, and much more. Your Tech Lead will identify risks before they become performance issues, and a dedicated Program Manager will lead a team of E-commerce experts to plan strategic initiatives


How long would it take me implement E-commerce for my business?

We target to implement Magento E-commerce in 45 days. We can pull this off because of our effective work processes. We start with 1 week of requirement gathering for understanding of business flows followed by 2 weeks of UI/UX activities that encompass the requirements into a flow. 2 weeks are dedicated to front-end development, 2 weeks for backend Integrations and development. Then we move onto 2 weeks of testing and 1 week of information security implementation. Finally, the migration activity to take your E-commerce store lives.

We cover some activities in parallel to effectively delivery a branded E-commerce store in 45 days.However, there are certain variables that have an impact on this timeline which include your scope of work, size of business, approval process and technical readiness.

Do I need to be an expert to move onto digital channels for sales?

No, we are here for you. Our Total Care program takes complete responsibility of E-commerce implementation and handover to you. This includes training sessions and assistance to run E-commerce for your business

How much is it going to cost me?

The cost depends upon region, modules and cases required from within E-commerce and number of days agreed for the project plan. We can provide you better details if you fill in some information below.