Introducing Muqabla -The next evolution of TV game shows

Intruducing Muqabla - The Next Evolution TV Shows

Muqabla is a Live gameshow that was created to and move ahead of the monotony of social feeds and redefine mobile experience by engaging participants in a live competition for points, lives and incentives!

Our platform enables every smart phone user to not just watch a game show, but be a participant, and at the same time, have a great learning experience. It is the first evolutionary step towards the next generation of TV game shows.

Based on the principle of the more you share, the more you win, the style of competing with others is so addictive that over 30% of our participants come back for more!  And at its peak, we’ve had 275 cash prize winners in a single day – now that’s gripping!!

It took a lot of time and effort, but we made it happen, so come show us how smart you are!

Muqabla is just a start of the new gaming style and we foresee many different variants of the live game.