From here to eCare in 60 days

Evamp & Saanga eCare – The Strategic Imperative

ECare is no longer an optional add-on to your digital presence; it is a strategic imperative in the digital age. With Telecom Operators engaging competition on various fronts, it is now more critical than ever to address the needs of customers for flexibility, experience, and empowerment. If this isn’t compelling enough for Telecom Operators, the massive savings from reducing the cost of customer service operations by routing customers to self-service is a fact proven several times over. Our customers include some of the biggest operator groups in the MEA region, and account for over 5 million downloads of the eCare app.

Evamp & Saanga offers superior eCare tools in its extensive portfolio of digital solutions, which have shown proven results for countless Telecom Operators. With B2B and B2C eCare, telecom operators can reach their customers firsthand in a non-intrusive manner, thereby creating a more engaging customer experience. With our feature rich, customized digital platform, operators can not only offer customers a more convenient and flexible method of managing their account, but also understand their needs and cross-sell products more effectively with the added benefit of in-built E-commerce solutions.

With previous clients, we have seen our eCare mobile apps becoming the first point of engagement for almost 50% of the subscriber base within 18 months of launch. The eCare app by Evamp & Saanga, which is available instantly to customers, empowers operators to better customize services according to their subscribers’ needs, unobtrusively cross-sell, and improve customer satisfaction.

With eCare app, operators can offer customers:

  • A consistent user experience across all screens
  • Profiling for contextual marketing
  • Attuned for B2B and B2C markets
  • Digitalization and Consolidation of services
  • Online store catering to all customers
    • Online Packages, Offers & Bundles
    • Online sale of mobile devices & dongles
    • Specific digital services, SIM sales portal
  • Data management for customers using dynamic calculators
  • Management of prepaid or postpaid accounts
  • Top up, share balance & payment services
  • Access to their account, including complete transaction history, services/offers/bundles, subscription details, remaining balance, and more.

The eCare solutions by Evamp & Saanga are cost effective, Telecom e-Commerce (TeC) ready, and fully customizable according to your process, User Experience, and design requirements. As this is a mature solution, the time needed to market it is short, making Evamp & Saanga’s eCare the first choice for some of the largest telco brands in the MEA region. We’re ready to take you live in 60 days*, are you ?