Empower your sales force via inventory information, customer profiles, route management and reporting, and much more


Sales Force Tracking System

On-field employee tracking has become a necessity for any business that employs sales or service people. Sales track is an android based sales force tracking system that enables members of a fiend-force to navigate their addressable market in an organized manner by scheduling appointments, maintaining customer notes, and even requesting approvals from their mobile.

Evamp & Saanga’s sales force tracking application allows a business manager to stay up to date regarding employees’ meeting schedules, customer commitments, and more.

Whether you are dealing with direct or indirect selling, you can still track your field force for their scheduled meetups, orders, and payment recovery. This application is best suited for pharmaceuticals, FMCGs’, insurance companies, and other businesses where client meetups are required to generate sales.

introduction to the product

How does Sales Track work?

Our sales employee tracking app is a mobile based solution to manage your field force by capturing updated and authentic data from the point of execution. There are two segments of Sales Track;

The first one is the Android App which is installed in the smartphones of the field executives. Whereas the second segment is an organized Web Module for managers to track their executives and real-time reports. Sales Track functions with the help of a complete digital operating model using various channels for sales, customer service, information for B2B, B2C, and ecommerce customers. .


Features Of Sales Track App



  The attendance feature can be implemented in any industry for day-to-day register replacement. It is mandatory to begin and conclude your day in the form of daily attendance to ensure that you have started working and have reached the market.


Call Adherence

  Daily stats reveal your performance on adherence achieved with authentication of a visit by location tracking. Therefore, you can schedule your day, week, and month for meetups to notify your manager regarding the plan of action for generating sales.



  Manage and claim your day-to-day expense such as; road mileage, x-station, night stay, maintenance, etc. Consequently, a cumulative report can be generated at the end of each month.


Flexible Platform

  Sales Track serves both small-scale and large-scale businesses from corner stores to retailers around the world. It works with hardware and software accessories that makes it easier to run your business.


Order Management

Empower your sales team to present product catalogs, take orders, check inventory in real-time, view customer profiles and ratings, provide discounts, receive payments, generate quick reports, and much more, all from an android device.


Our application is gradually improving with updates that will not only equip you with remarkable new features but also help you run your business more efficiently and effectively.


Sales Track directly enables companies and merchants to charge customers’ mobile credit and wallets, or bank accounts through Sales Track Application. Therefore, it is safe, convenient, and reliable.

Grow your Business

Sales Track being a software responsible for digital receipts, inventory, and sales reports, allows you to easily manage and keep track of your sales force while focusing on prioritized tasks

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