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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Consulting Services and Solutions

In this digital age, digital transformation enforces changes surrounding business models by adapting to evolve market conditions. What makes this interesting is that these changes are not due to the coming enterprises or even the pioneers. Instead, the main factor that cultivated digital transformation is the customer itself. The consumers of today expect products and services to engage with them and form valuable connections. A strong customer-business relationship drives them to recognize your brand further. Ultimately, businesses need to embrace technology advancements to keep up with current market demands and deliver an unmatched customer experience.

As mentioned, businesses digitize their operations for a variety of reasons. But in light of the COVID-19 crisis, digital transformation became essential to survive. Many had to deal with supply chain disruptions, time to market pressures, and rapidly changing customer expectations. Companies that quickly adapted to these market demands got ahead of the rest.


Digital Transformation for Banking

Currently, all banks have their websites, while some integrated digital apps cater to mobile users. Although these platforms cannot accommodate every service they offer, it promotes convenience and improved user experience. Some of the features of these digitized services include the following:

  • Opening an account and onboarding procedure
  • ATM and bank branches locator
  • 24-hour access to account balances, history, and transactions
  • Bill and loan payments
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Security and fraud alerts

Digital transformation in banking allows businesses to facilitate a cohesive and personalized user experience. To improve user experiences, they should continuously find ways to catch up with the latest trends and best practices. Businesses need to integrate everything into a single platform to make the overall banking experience more efficient. At the same time, digital transformation can be possible by changing how you organize your backend processes. Practices such as collaboration between technical and sales teams, and possibly merging marketing and retail are only some ideal strategies.


What Our Customers Say About Us

Evamp & Saanga has the capability, resources and most importantly the drive to deliver on the challenging tasks and it was very encouraging to know that their ambitions are well aligned with our of vision of digitalization and empowerment.

Mustafa Jamshed Gillani
Director Product Development (Telenor Pakistan)

The quality and delivery of work has been excellent and the whole team has been very supportive and collaborative. In the event of any iterations of the work, Evamp & Saanga has solved the discrepancies in a quick manner. We definitely think that Evamp & Saanga is a good partner to work with. We seek to extend and strengthen our relationship with more critical projects, which are pivotal for Golf Connections customer experience Journey.

Anders Hodal and Michael Myllerup
Co-founders (Golf Connections)

Nice work done by you and your team, BOK has good working relations with Evamp & Saanga.
I hope this working relation may flourish further in future.

Hassan Tariq
Incharge Corporate Communications & Branding

Evamp & Saanga have proven to be reliable long-term partners, consistently delivering high-quality mobile software developers that drive our fintech innovations forward. We trust their expertise and dedication in helping us achieve our goals.

Imran Shahid
Axian Group


Digital Transformation for Telcos

The customers of today tend to value experiences more than the product itself. Loyalty is not measured merely by the quality of the signal from telco towers. They judge their satisfaction right when they sign for initial subscription up until they are through your product. When they want to know if your services are worth it, they often check other options for the following:

  • Plan subscription prices
  • Renewal conditions
  • Customer service (Updates, Helpdesk convenience, technical assistance)
  • Billing
  • Promotional offers and other perks

Digital transformation providers like Evamp & Saanga provide companies a way to obtain a deep insight to know their customers better. When you understand your customers, you can create unique offers that can integrate into their daily lives.

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