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EVAMP & SAANGA is a leading developer of web, Mobile, and Telecom
related applications and solutions in the Middle East and Pakistan.

Our company was established in 2001, with a focus towards design and development of innovative solutions for this converging market of Web, Mobile and Telecom . In addition to our own product development, we offer custom development services and system integration for clients.

We pride ourselves as one of the top Web and Digital design companies within Pakistan with a large list of blue-chip clients, who use our services within graphic design, web user interface and digital presence. Our design process and dedication to clients make us stand out from the others.

Within Telecom and Mobile applications development we work with both server-based applications and client-based applications. We have developed products that are running live at some of the largest Telecom operators in the world running mission-critical systems. Evamp & Saanga is also a pioneer within the Voice technology and IVR systems within Pakistan, running some of the largest deployments of IVR systems.

Within our System Integration practice, we have been involved with international ICT companies deploying their software and hardware platforms at various enterprises.

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Based on the foundations of innovation and excellence,
create value for our customers by providing world-class
solutions adhering to best industry standards.


Let Everyone Know Why We Are the Best

While each project is unique, we draw on a huge wealth of experience.While each project is unique,
we draw on a huge wealth of experience.While each project is unique, we draw on a huge wealth of experience.


We are genuine and dedicated specialists in what we do,offering the best advice & expertise

While each project is unique, we draw on a huge wealth of experience to guide and support you. We keep our skills relevant and aligned with the most current tools, technologies and conventions.

We build with flexibility from the ground up, in the tools we use and the way we deliver our services.

Adjusting your solution to meet challenges in your business and help you adapt to a changing market. We prepare for the future, making the right choices to continue to drive growth and success.

Making use of the most current analytical tools to gather the best and most valuable data.

Using that data to discover how your solution is actually used in the real world. Adjusting your website to better meet your
objectives and the needs of your customers.