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Evamp & Saanga at MWC Barcelona 2024

Evamp & Saanga will be back in Barcelona this year to be a part of the world’s most influential event for the connectivity industry. At the MWC24, key topics this year will include a powerful Super App built on top of our popular Self-Care platform.  We will also be looking forward to giving you a demo of our Wifi calling app for Telcos, and much more!

With over 20 years of experience in delivering web, mobile and telecom applications, and solutions in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia, we have had the privilege of working with some of the most renowned companies in the world.

Join us to discover how we can all unleash the power of connectivity at #MWC24 
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Our most popular products, which will be the focus of business and discussions this year, are:

  • Tech e-Care Suite
  • IOT Marketplace
  • Professional Consulting
  • IFRS
  • WiConnect

Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2024

Last year, the GSMA wrapped up its annual Mobile World Congress conference in Barcelona, Spain. This time in stark contrast to its heyday of more than 100,000 people attending, MWC 2023 attracted 80,000 in-person attendees.  

GSMA worked with the Spanish government to implement a safety plan which was critical in bringing together such a huge number of people. Elements of this plan were seen everywhere in the form of Covid testing stations and short cab lines. 

The Mobile World Congress is an activity-packed 4-day sprint for most people. We’ve had members of our team clock 20,000 steps walking and navigating within the Halls and some huge pavilions.  

We look forward to the next scheduled MWC Barcelona which is set to run from February 28th until March 3rd for this mega-event, and the return of all big companies who have already announced support for #MWC24. 


Our most popular products, which will be the main focus of business and discussions this year, are:

  • Tech e-Care Suite
  • IOT Marketplace
  • Professional Consulting
  • IFRS
  • WiConnect

How do you plan on monetizing 5G or building the ultimate experience?

Inspiring speakers at the MWC Barcelona will talk about everything from the Metaverse to advancements towards 6G. We will be there to talk about how service innovation and experience can keep up with network advancement amongst other things.

It won’t be all talk, some of the products that we’ll be showcasing at the MWC will include our brand-new IOT Marketplace, the latest release of our Digital Self-Care platform, and an “OTT-killer” calling application.

Book a demo of one of our products and join us from the 28th of February to the 3rd of March 2024 to learn how we can unleash the power of connectivity.

The Digital Imperative

A digital brand is no longer a sub-brand for a particular segment, but an imperative for competitiveness. Our TeC Self-Care is an omnichannel digital self-care suite for B2C and B2B subscribers and Dealers – your most vital pillar for digital transformation.

Whether you’re looking to roll out a complete digital experience for your MVNO, a new brand or sub-brand, or a parallel ‘digital brand,’ we can have your digital interfaces ready as fast as within 12 weeks (thanks to our UX templates and ready toolkit of over 100 use cases).

Monetize 5G and IOT services

Our IOT Marketplace is designed to support your monetization of 5G and IOT services by providing you with a fully functional platform designed specifically for marketing IOT products and services.

The platform includes a basic set of IOT products to help you quickly go to market, and with built-in partner management, you can quickly grow your IOT products and service offerings.

Low or No Signals?

With WiConnect, your customers can stay connected for calls and SMS beyond your GSM’s reach. WiConnect is a Wifi calling application specifically for mobile operators.
It allows GSM calls to be routed from your switch to the internet, enabling your customers to stay connected to your network via Wifi or data connection. Black spots, such as basements, will no longer be the end of a great relationship! You can even allow your subscribers to use the app while traveling abroad.

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