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Empower Your Dealership Journey: Unlocking Efficiency Through Digital Precision

TeC DMP – Redefining Efficiency for Unmatched Customer Satisfaction

Efficient Onboarding: Redefined Precision

Form-filling has long been a time-consuming process for both customers and employees, introducing redundancy and inefficiency into onboarding procedures. Customers often find themselves re-entering information already provided through alternate channels, while customer service representatives (CSRs) grapple with the task of pushing this data through or inputting it into other systems. The traditional onboarding approach lacks the efficiency and personalization necessary to create a seamless and welcoming experience.

Recognizing these challenges, a service provider committed to enhancing customer experience underwent a transformative redesign, resulting in remarkable outcomes. The redesign yielded an 80% reduction in the time required for onboarding and a 15% decrease in the overall process cost. This strategic overhaul demonstrates the potential for redefining the onboarding experience, focusing on speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness to improve customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Now, customers can complete the onboarding process on their smartphones in a mere 60 seconds. This shift challenges the outdated concept of onboarding, dismissing the need for handwritten forms and lengthy processes. This transformation is particularly valuable for service providers targeting B2B customers or managing sales teams in markets with high-demand B2C onboarding, where efficiency is paramoun


TeC Dealer Management Platform

Customer Acquisition

  • Digital KYC in 60-Second and Cost Reduction by 30% 

Digital Onboarding

  • Seamless, Paperless and work-flow based Onboarding Process

Hierarchy Management

  • Manage hierarchies on-the-go fostering seamless collaboration

Granular Permissions

  • Exercise fine-grained control over user access

Dynamic Commissioning

  • Adaptable, Customizable rules and  payouts

Out-of-the-Box Integration

  • Plug and play adapters for IN, CRM and BSS

Geo-fencing and Geolocation

  • Ensure controlled operations in specified areas and insights with geolocation views

Performance Dashboards

  • Real-time performance metrics, leaderboards for healthy competition, and transparent commission

Effortless Onboarding Redefined: 80% Faster, 15% More Cost-Effective, and Mobile-Ready in Just 60 Seconds!

  • Intelligent Data Capture and Extraction

    Your customers initiate a paperless onboarding process by intelligently capturing the data from sources such as IDs, or passports, using their smartphone or tablet camera. The information collected through a structured journey results in creation of a profile for digital identification. This content is then seamlessly fed into to your CRM/BSS system.

  • Automated Document Generation

    As soon as all the customer’s information has been received, a digital document (such as a digital credit contract, SIM contract, or any other type of agreement/confirmation) can be automatically generated and sent to the customer.

  • Unified BSS/CRM Integration

    Forge a path to success with our integrated Digital Integration Bridge (DIB). Seamlessly connect with any BSS or CRM using this robust integration tool, providing a user-friendly interface to define and simulate API integrations. Test within the tool before seamlessly integrating with any live system.

  • Commision Engine and Reporting

    Maximize profitability with our Commission Engine! Create, customize, and apply commission rules directly from the user-friendly interface. Execute payments instantly or schedule them daily, weekly, or monthly. Dive into the Reporting Engine for valuable insights into transactions, alerts, and customizable dashboards. Empower your team by creating new reports on the go.

  • Performance, Dashboards and Transparency

    Drive performance with real-time dashboards, leaderboards, and target tracking. Keep your dealers motivated and informed with transparent commission reports showcasing achieved and pending targets.

  • Dealer Efficiency using Workflows

    Say goodbye to paperwork and hello to efficiency! TeC DMP offers a seamless digital onboarding experience for dealers and partners. Using BPM that allows dynamic workflows that adapt to your unique business processes, streamlining and minimizing turnaround time.

  • Support Management Features

    Our DMS goes beyond the basics! Provide exceptional support with FAQs, live chat, and easy profile management for your dealers. Track attendance, implement geofencing to operate only in specified areas, and gain a comprehensive geolocation view of all dealers for efficient administration.

  • SIM Activation

    Accelerate onboarding with digital KYC and contract generation, reducing onboarding time to a remarkable 60 seconds and cutting costs by 30%. TeC DMP also handles SIM activation, top-ups, SIM replacement, and subscription management, providing a holistic solution for your dealers.

  • Hierarchy Management On-the-Go

    Effortlessly manage hierarchies between partners and dealers with our intuitive interface. Create new hierarchies on the go, ensuring flexibility and adaptability to changing organizational structures.

  • Granular Permission

    Take control of your system’s security with our AAA (Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting) module. Create permissions for each level of hierarchy separately. Additionally, enjoy the flexibility to override permissions on an individual level when needed, providing the perfect balance of security and flexibility

Dealer Management Platform

TeC DMP  – Architecture

The TeC Dealer Management Platform (DMP) is built using micro-services and is quickly deployable into any on-premise or public cloud infrastructure. The platform consists of a front-end interface to be used by the dealer and partners that are based upon Smartphone applications for both Android and IOS. The back office has a web interface to manage the platform and the dealers from the Telecom operator’s side.

Integration with the operator IN, BSS, CRM and activation platforms is done through API integrations, and already several of the top IN and Billing systems have ready-to-use adaptors. There is also an interface for integration into government systems for digital KYC and ID/fingerprint verifications.

Following is a high-level architecture for Smart Dealer App.


Flexible Deployment

Key deployment features of Dealer Management Platform include:

  • Containerization: TeC micro-services are containerized, ensuring effortless deployment and scalability across diverse infrastructures.
  • Kubernetes Orchestration: TeC leverages the Kubernetes stack for container orchestration, harnessing the power of popular tools within the Kubernetes ecosystem for streamlined management and optimization.
  • For public cloud deployments: TeC is fully compatible with major providers such as Amazon AWS and Google GCP, with the capability to extend support to other public clouds upon request.
  • For private cloud environments: TeC seamlessly integrates with platforms like Red Hat OpenShift and Canonical Ubuntu Kubernetes, empowering organizations to harness the benefits of TeC within their existing infrastructure
Dealer Management Platform
Dealer Management Platform


  • Enhanced Efficiency: Streamline operations and reduce manual efforts through automated processes, improving overall efficiency.
  • Real-time Insights: Gain immediate access to valuable data and analytics, empowering informed decision-making for strategic planning.
  • Cost Savings: Optimize resource allocation, minimize manual errors, and reduce operational costs through automated and streamlined processes.
  • Unified Data Management: Integrate and manage diverse data sources in a centralized platform, ensuring data consistency and accuracy across the organization.
  • Compliance and Data Security: Ensure adherence to data protection regulations and maintain robust security measures, safeguarding customer information.
  • Cross-Channel Consistency: Maintain a consistent brand experience across various channels, promoting a cohesive and unified presence.
  • Scalability: Adapt to changing business needs and scale operations seamlessly with a flexible and scalable DMP solution.

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