Japan IT Week Spring 2024

Let's shape the future of technology together at Japan IT Week!


Evamp & Saanga at JAPAN IT WEEK 2024

Japan IT Week is considered to be Tokyo’s foremost gathering of technological innovation and advancement. As a debutant at this esteemed event, Evamp & Saanga is excited to join industry leaders, visionaries, and enthusiasts from around the globe in exploring the latest trends, solutions, and opportunities shaping the future of IT.

This event serves as a nexus for cutting-edge technology, attracting top-tier exhibitors and attendees alike. With its rich tapestry of seminars, exhibitions, and networking opportunities, Japan IT Week offers a platform for collaboration and inspiration on a global scale.


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For Evamp & Saanga, our participation in Japan IT Week marks a significant milestone in our journey. With over two decades of experience in delivering cutting-edge web, mobile, and telecom solutions across diverse markets, we’re eager to showcase our expertise and innovative offerings to a new audience.

At this year’s event, Evamp & Saanga will look forward to discussing Product Development and Resource Augmentation requirements with potential customers. Our Resource Augmentation services aim to provide skilled professionals who seamlessly integrate with your organization, becoming an extension of your team.

Additionally, we’re showcasing our expertise in Product Development, demonstrating our ability to turn innovative ideas into tangible products and solutions. These offerings reflect our dedication to driving excellence and empowering organizations to thrive in the digital era.




Join us at Japan IT Week as we embark on this exciting journey of exploration, collaboration, and inspiration.

Connect with our team from the 24th -26th April to learn more about our innovative offerings and discover how Evamp & Saanga can empower your organization’s digital roadmap.

Let’s shape the future of technology together at Japan IT Week!”

Experience Our Comprehensive Services on Display at Japan IT Week this Year!


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