Messaging Gateway

Evamp & Saanga’s Messaging Gateway is a both a product and service that allows Telecom Operators and Enterprises to build Messaging applications using SMS and MMS messaging services

Messaging Gateway

Evamp & Saanga’s Messaging Gateway.

Evamp & Saanga’s Messaging Gateway is a both a product and service that allows Telecom Operators and Enterprises to build Messaging applications using SMS and MMS messaging services.

The Messaging Gateway allows for quickly building SMS/MMS applications based on database triggers, customer care inquiries, or rapid application development. It is integrated directly with SMS-C, MMS-C and Charging Systems to allow not only fast delivery, but also accurate tracking.


Implifying the Integration and Launch of new SMS and MMS Services

The Evamp & Saanga Messaging Gateway is a carrier-grade platform for Telecom Service Providers to send and receive SMS and MMS messages and also use messaging as a payment mechanism for premium services. The Messaging Gateway provides easy to use interfaces to ‘SMS-enable’ any application, website or system.

Connect to SMS-Cs and MMS-Cs

The SMS/MMS Gateway provides industry standard integration with various SMS-Cs and MMS-Cs. The platform can simultaneously connect and route messaging traffic between several SMS-Cs and MMS-Cs. This can also be done with SMS-C/MMS-C from different operators – all connected to a single Messaging Gateway. This allows for interesting applications that can be offered across multiple operators.

Number Portability

The Message Gateway can route messages based on several criteria. This can include number series, remembering incoming route or through lookup into a Mobile Number Portability (MNP) database. Telecom Service Providers who need to provide MNP type services themselves can use the Messaging Gateway to inter-connect with SMS-Cs of other operators.

IT and Web Friendly Interfaces

For an application or website to start sending and receiving messages using the Messaging Gateway it does not require knowing SMPP, CIMD or other telecom protocols. It provides simple IT and Web friendly interfaces to quickly start sending messages from within any application.

The Messaging Gateway comes with a Java API that can be used to create any type of Messaging Application. Examples of applications that have been developed using this API are: SMS Chat Application, TV-SMS Services, SMS Marketing Campaigns, MMS Breaking News, SMS Voting, etc.

High Perfomance and Reliability

One of the key requirements within any Telecom platform is to cater for high usage loads and reliability of the service. The Messaging Gateway can be deployed in both Single and High-Availability configurations. All transactions within the platform are logged within a highly-tuned data-store. If a message delivery fails for any reason, the gateway itself will try to deliver it again. For monitoring and operations, the Messaging Gateway can generate alarms or SNMP traps.


What Our Customers Say About Us

Evamp & Saanga has the capability, resources and most importantly the drive to deliver on the challenging tasks and it was very encouraging to know that their ambitions are well aligned with our of vision of digitalization and empowerment.

Mustafa Jamshed Gillani
Director Product Development (Telenor Pakistan)

The quality and delivery of work has been excellent and the whole team has been very supportive and collaborative. In the event of any iterations of the work, Evamp & Saanga has solved the discrepancies in a quick manner. We definitely think that Evamp & Saanga is a good partner to work with. We seek to extend and strengthen our relationship with more critical projects, which are pivotal for Golf Connections customer experience Journey.

Anders Hodal and Michael Myllerup
Co-founders (Golf Connections)

Nice work done by you and your team, BOK has good working relations with Evamp & Saanga.
I hope this working relation may flourish further in future.

Hassan Tariq
Incharge Corporate Communications & Branding

Evamp & Saanga have proven to be reliable long-term partners, consistently delivering high-quality mobile software developers that drive our fintech innovations forward. We trust their expertise and dedication in helping us achieve our goals.

Imran Shahid
Axian Group


Messaging Gateway-as-a-Service

The Messaging Gateway is offered to Enterprises and Content Providers as a service which is connected to several GSM networks. This allows a quick and efficient manner to run any messaging service without investing into equipment, networks, security and managed operations. For further details or inquiries around our Messaging Gateway-as-a-Service and the networks we are connected with, please contact us at

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